Authors: Lipa J.J., Eilenberg J., Bresciani J., Frandscen F.

Title: Some observations on a newly recorded mermithid parasite of Ixodes ricinus L. (Acarina, Ixodidae)

Source: Acta Parasitologica
year: 1997, vol: 42, number: 2, pages: 109-114
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Keywords: mermithid parasite; Ixodes ricinus L.; Acarina; Ixodidae;


Language: English

Document type: article

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J.J. Lipa, Department of Biological Control and Quarantine, Institute of Plant Protection, Miczurina 20, 60-318 Poznan, Poland

Abstract: This is the first record of a mermithid (Nematoda, Mermithidae) parasitic in body cavity of Ixodes ricinus adults collected at two localities in Denmark during 1993-1995. Out of 213 adults 13 were parasitized (females 8.1% and males 3.4%). Up to three mermithid larvae were observed per host. The juvenile mermithids were up to 20 mm long and from their mouth emerged a stylete 70 mm long. The morphology and ultrastructure of the mermithid juveniles was studied with scanning and transmission electron microscopes.

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