Authors: Urhan R.

Title: Zercon anatolicus, a new species of zerconid mites (Acari: Mesostigmata: Zerconidae) from Turkey

Source: Annales Zoologici
year: 2008, vol: 58, number: 2, pages: 255-260
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Discipline: ZOOLOGY

Language: ENGLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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Rasit Urhan, Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Pamukkale University, P.O.286 K1n1kl1, Denizli, Turkey

Abstract: In this study, a new species of zerconid mites, Zercon anatolicus, is described and illustrated on the basis of material collected from Turkey. Diagnostic characters of Zercon anatolicus: Anterior margin of ventro-anal shield with two pairs of setae. Dorsal cavities of general size and appearence, starlike with undulated and weakly sclerotised on their anterior margin. Pores Po3 situated beetwen setal rows J and Z, on the line connecting setae Z4-J5 located closer to the setae Z4. Pores Po4 lie on the line connecting the base of setae S4-Z5. Setae J1-J5, Z1, Z2, Z5, S1-S3 and R1-R7 short and smooth. Setae J6, Z3-Z4 and S4 long and barbed with hyaline ending. Setae J6 the longest opisthonotal setae (6376 m). Opisthonotal shield with distinct reticulate pattern in the anterior region and punctuate pattern in the posterior region. A key to the adults of Zercon species known from Turkey is also given.

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