Authors: Grabinska B., Koc J., Glinska-Lewczuk K.

Title: Effect of land use on the river water pollution as exemplified by the Narew River and its tributaries.Part I. Oxygen indicators

Source: Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych
year: 2005, vol: , number: 503, pages: 101-110
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Language: POLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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Bozena Grabinska, Department of Land Reclamation and Environmental Management, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland

Abstract: Paper presented chosen results of the water quality assessment in the Narew river system. The study is an integral part of the wide research project aimed at the affect of land use on the transfer of dissolved substances with the Narew river and its tributaries. The paper contains: (a) recognition of natural environment of the basin and subbasins and the sources of chemical substances entering flowing water; (b) analyses of outflows mechanisms of water and dissolved substances under conditions of diversified agricultural management; (c) seasonal changes in quality and quantity of water resulted from individual characte-ristics of the basins. Presented data concerning water quality are affected by the processes of riverbed supply with water under diversified environmental conditions and human agricultural activity. The changes in water quality occurring downstream the longitudinal profile of Narew river resulted from direct contamination, as well as from the water systems of lower taxonomical level. Due to average content of organic pollutants (BOD5, COD), the water quality of Narew river and its tributaries (Biebrza, Pisa, Rozoga, Omulew) ranged from the Ist class of water purity (very good) to the IVth class (unsatisfactory).

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