Authors: Alicja Buczek,

Title: Influence of iodine compounds on embryogenesis of Argas A. reflexus (Fabricius, 1794) ( Acari , Ixodida , Argasidae )

Source: Acta Parasitologica
year: 1993, vol: 38, number: 1, pages: 41-43
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Keywords: embryogenesis; Argas reflexus; Acari; Ixodida; Argasidae;


Language: English

Document type: article

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Alicja Buczek
Department of Biology and Parasitology, Silesian Medical Academy
40-752 Katowice, Medykow 18, Poland

Abstract: The influence of Lugol's solution on the embryonic development and egg hatch of Argas A. reflexus at a temperature of 25C and relative humidity of 30% was investigated. The iodine compound was found to cause high mortality of eggs (23.1%) and embryos (34.8%). In these experiments only 40.9% of the eggs studied hatched into normal larvae. Intresting anomalies of Argas (A.) reflexus larvae, developed under these conditions, were also described.

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Alicja Buczek,