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- Adis J., Golovatch S.I., Wilck L., Hensen B. On the identities of Muyudesmus obliteratus Kraus, 1960 versus Poratia digitata (Porat, 1889), with first biological observations on parthenogenetic and bisexual populations (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Pyrgodesmidae)
- Barnett A.A., Sampaio E.M., Kalko E.K.V., Shapley R.L., Fischer E., Camargo G., Rodriguez-Herrera B. Bats of Jau National Park, central Amazonia, Brazil
- Scholz T., de_ Chambrier A., Kuchta R. Redescription of the tapeworm Monticellia amazonica de Chambrier et Vaucher, 1997 (Cestoda, Proteocephalidea), a parasite of Calophysus macropterus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae), from the Amazon River