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- Zaton-Dobrowolska M., Filistowicz A. Polymorphism of CPH8 and CPH18 microsatellite sequences in arctic fox (Alopex lagopus) and silver fox (Vulpes vulpes)
- Jaszczak K., Wardecka B., Olszewski R., Zieba G., Pierzchala M. A new reference family (Green-legged Partrigenous x Rhode Island Red) for mapping QTLs in laying hens
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- Kaminski S., Rusc A., Wojtasik K. Frequency of Ava I polymorphism within estrogen receptor gene (ESR) in Polish Large White and Polish Landrace boars
- Macijauskiene V., Juras R. An attempt at analysing the selected traits of body conformation, growth, performance and genetic structure of Lithuanian native Zemaitukai horse, the breed being preserved from extinction
- Stachurska A., Brodacki A. Genetic structure of MasB°polski horse population with respect to basic coat colours
- Janik A., Kuryl J., Kamyczek M., Buczynski J.T. Differences between native and synthetic lines of pigs on the basis of genetic markers