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- Miatkowski Z., Cieslinski Z., Turbiak J. Reclamation of degraded shallow organic soils by using of agroreclamation ploughing
- Miatkowski Z., Turbiak J. Physical and water properties of a long-drained shallow organic soil transformed by agroreclamation ploughing
- Miatkowski Z., Cieslinski Z., Turbiak J. Use of agroreclamation ploughing in reclamation of a deeply drained mineral-muck soil
- Wyczolkowski A.I., Dabek-Szreniawska M., Wyczolkowska M., Kus J. Relations between kind of fertilization and number of microorganisms of nitrogen cycle under winter wheat
- Cieslinski Z., Miatkowski Z. Agroreclamation in formation of the agricultural environment