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- Robakowski P., Wyka T. Acclimation of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) seedlings to irradiance conditions under canopies of different tree species in Sudety Mts (Southern Poland)
- Kmiec B., Drynda R., Woloszynska M. Molecular basics of plant response to low temperature
- Robakowski P. Species-specific acclimation to strong shade modifies susceptibility of conifers to photoinhibition
- Zebrowska E., Antoniak A., Ciereszko I. Acid phosphatases activity and growth of two triticale cultivars under phosphate deficiency
- Mikula A. Cryopreservation as a method to facilitate preservation of life capacity of plant cells and tissues
- Filipiak M., Napieraźa-Filipiak A. Relation between the height of Larix kaempferi and some climatic characteristics in Poland