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- H. Pogan, H. Wcislo, Embryological analysis of Hieracium pilosella L. from Poland
- Dusan Cyprich, Miroslav Krumpal, Valentina M. Glukhova, On the fauna and the incidence of abnormalities of fleas ( Siphonaptera ) in bird nests of the Kaliningrad region
- Jawad L. A. Scale deformities in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, (Actinopterygii: Cichlidae) from Sudan
- Kurta A., Kwiecinski G.G. The square-eared anomaly in New World Myotis
- Federoff N. E., Nowak R. M. Cranial and dental abnormalities of the endangered red wolf Canis rufus