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See the description of this form on the bottom of this page. Please fill out below query-form:

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Description of this fill out query form

In this form you can specify conditions for one or more database fields. If you specify more than one condition they are considered with logical AND operator. Fields: "Title of paper"and "Source" could be search in two modes : 

  • exact - data entered in this field should exactly match database data. 

  • approximate - data entered in this field could match any part of database data.  

Fields: "Author" and "Keywords"- if you enter several terms (or initial part of term) you have to separate them by commas (comma means logical OR)

To receive more precise searching results you have mark  "Discipline" and/or "Document type"   When you complete the form click  "Search"  button. As an initial result of searching you will receive list of publication. Click any item to see abstract and remaining information. After each searching you have to "Clear fields".

You can also browse the database by  "Source title" selecting the required title from the attached list ( "See all sources" ) and then you will receive information about journal and years of issue. Click any items to see list of publication.